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Fraser fitzgerald

Personal Chef. Recipe Developer. Menu Creator. Plant Based. 



I am Fraser, I am passionate about plants and turning them into creative, delicious meals. I love helping others learn to cook and transorm their favourite comfort foods into healthier versions-without taking away the taste they know and love. I can show everyone that the same broccoli they hated as a kid can taste amazing!  

I welcome you to take a look around the site and I hope you find something that will excite you. Lets work together to make plants the focal point of your plate-at home and in your restaurant. 



Currently, I work as a chef at Presidents Choice Cooking School in the Greater Toronto Area. I create recipes and instruct classes of diverse ages and sizes.  I encourage my students to have fun cooking each recipe and teach them useful skills they could bring to their own kitchens. Go to my events page for my class schedules.

Most recently, as head chef at both of The Nook's locations in Halifax, NS,  I created, costed and tested a small and shared plates menu. In early 2018, I worked in Toronto as an intern with Canadian Living Magazine. In that role, I created recipes around a myriad of on-trend themes; which were published in their online and print issues.  In 2016, I conducted research for George Brown College's Innovation and Research Studio, where I specialized in recipe development to meet specific health and dietary restrictions (ex. Cancer, Dysphasia). In addition to crafting an entirely new plant-based brunch menu for Grasshopper Restaurant's second Toronto-based restaurant opening. 

I have worked at Fresh Restaurant and volunteered at Eden Garden Natural Farm in Kattapanna, India. As well as, assisted with the Meal Exchange program at the Nation Food Summit in Toronto, Ontario. 

I look forward to growing my experience and helping more individuals, families and companies make healthy conscious choices.